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Inside the stockings are newborn babies! This is a scene from Christmas at Magee-Women's Hospital at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. They must be outstanding gifts from Santa to all the mothers who have worked very hard.


A baby gorilla was born by a rare animal caesarean section at the San Diego Zoo!
Although the 18 year old gorilla Imani went into labor, she didn't show any signs of progress. After an emergency caesarean section, she gave birth to a 4.6 pound infant.


A mother tiger who had lost her cubs due to premature labor was later diagnosed with depression. To secure her health, zoologists wrapped 6 piglets up in tiger-print cloth and presented them to the mother. She then regained her health and now loves and treats these piglets as her own.


A stray dog saved a newborn baby who was abandoned in a forest, and carried her across a busy road to a shed where she was later discovered being nestled to the dog's litter of puppies.


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