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Important tips regarding childbirth

1. Your contractions will begin when the time comes.
2. You may move around freely during the time between your contractions and delivery.
3. Laboring women should have continuous support from others throughout labor.
4. There should be no routine interventions during labor and birth.
5. The upright posture is more desirable than the supine posture.
6. After childbirth, you may breastfeed your baby in your room at any time.

Period of hospitalization

1. Your water breaks.
2. Your contractions are 5 minutes apart (If this is your second child, 7 minutes apart).
3. You have unusual abdominal pain or bleeding.


Hospital visits and registration

1. Make sure to visit the hospital you will be giving birth at before time, and pre-register.
2. Don't forget to confirm as to whether or not you may go directly to labor and delivery when you are admitted.

Preparing for hospitalization

1. Make sure to prepare your belongings at least three weeks prior to hospitalization.
2. Make sure to bring clothes for after discharge. (There are diapers and clothes ready for your baby).
3. Don't forget to bring a baby car seat.

Choosing a pediatrician

Decide on a pediatrician prior to childbirth.
(Your pediatrician will come to the hospital to examine your baby within 24 hours of delivery. If you cannot choose a pediatrician beforehand, a pediatrician in the hospital will examine your baby. There is compatibility with pediatricians so it may be a good idea to interview in advance).

Decide on labor support

Talk with your husband about labor support.
(When a baby is born, the mother and father will wear the same wristband as the baby. During hospitalization, make sure the person(s) with the wristband stays with the baby at all times to ensure the baby's safety).

Length of hospitalization and health insurance

It is a good idea to check with your insurance company in advance.
・Vaginal birth: 48 hours (2 days and 1 night, counting the day of birth)
・Caesarean section: 96 hours (4 days and 3 nights, counting the day of birth)
(A baby must be put on insurance within 30 days of birth. The length of hospitalization and insurance content may vary depending on your insurance, so you should check with your insurance company in advance).

Your baby's application

Birth Certificate application

3-4 months after your baby is born, you will complete the application through Los Angeles Vital Records.

Applying for a social security number

3-4 months after your baby is born, you will complete the application through Los Angeles Vital Records. (If you completed the application through the hospital, it will be mailed directly to your home from the social security office within 14 weeks).

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