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Japanese Childbirth Education Class

写真At the Japanese Childbirth Education Class (at Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center Torrance)we provide an easy to understand course so that during childbirth, every mother can relax and have confidence, as well as begin an anxiety-free parenting after childbirth.
Since it is a group class (maximum of 12 couples), you will be able to attend a total of 5 classes (including the hospital tour) along with other mothers and their partners who will be going through childbirth in the same time period, and during those classes, you can exchange valuable information with the mothers regarding pregnancy and parenting. Many say they are glad they were able to make new friends.

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If you are unable to attend the group class, we can set up a private class at your convenience, so feel free to consult with us.


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Postpartum Home Visit

写真 During hospitalization in Japan (usually 1 week), you return home after learning the proper way to breastfeed and care for your baby from nurses; however, in America, since hospitalization is as short as 2-3 days, many mothers are unsure of what to do upon returning home.
So far, I have received many consults such as "I don't know how to breastfeed, " "What should I do if my breasts are engorged?," "I have sore nipples," "I am unsure about cord care," etc.
Therefore, after hospitalization, we are providing a postpartum visit service where I visit your home and give you proper advice and the necessary care so that childcare goes smoothly for you.

Breastfeeding Support

写真I will visit your home to check the condition of your baby, show proper positioning and latch on skills, and offer any other guidance tips to ensure that childcare goes smoothly for you. In order for your baby to drink with ease, I will be doing breast massage as needed. And explanation of the breast infection(mastitis).


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